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The fastest growing opportunities come from real world adventures and too many revolutionary ideas that could reshape the motion picture industry and the movie-going experience are being left on PowerPoint presentations on conference room tables or on trade show floors.

Why?  Because a new breed of content providers, multi-dimensional presenters, virtual reality trendsetters and innovators of the theatre-going experience simply lack the contacts to get their idea in front of the right people.  It’s one thing to have a game-changing product.  It’s quite another to get in front of the decision makers in the industry.

Scout 53 has decades of experience in the motion picture industry and has spent that time cultivating a vast array of contacts at every Hollywood studio, specialized distributor, exhibitor, industry news agency and other industry organizations that can showcase your product or service and propel revenues and profits.

We can connect you with the key holders in the film business who have the ability to transform your business.  We can analyze, strategize and execute sales plans and create new revenue streams for existing companies and start-ups alike.  Also, you need to know what will close the deal and Scout 53 can expertly tailor your presentation and marketing materials for maximum impact.


Put the power of three decades of experience in the motion picture industry to work for your business


Scout 53 Entertainment Consulting will put its extensive experience in all aspects of the film industry to work for your company to maximize revenue and profits.  We can get you in the door at any studio or theater circuit and can take advantage of those carefully cultivated relationships for your company’s maximum benefit.


We can drive your business forward by ensuring that you meet with the right people and that your presentation will be specifically tailored to each and every potential client and their needs. We will also help you identify and navigate possible roadblocks along the way.  In addition, our marketing and PR team will get your message out and work seamlessly with corresponding departments at studios and exhibition companies.

What We Do

Film Distribution

Wide, limited and specialized releases. We have longstanding relationships with every major circuit as well as all regional buyers.


Multi-Dimensional Technologies

We can bring your 4D, large format or immersive theatre experience to the moviegoing public.

Motion Picture Marketing, Publicity and PR

Traditional and social media marketing plans and opportunities.

Ticketing Services and Mobile Applications

Your idea will make it easier for moviegoers to go to their local multiplex and we can tailor that product or service to the needs of every exhibitor or movie studio.

Digital Content Distribution

We bridge the gap between content providers and content exhibitors.  Let us help you navigate the daunting content distribution waters.

Data Analysis and Projections

Big data is important but what is absolutely vital is the ability to analyze that data and what it means to potential clients.  We know what data is essential.

Virtual Reality

The industry’s new frontier, Virtual Reality, will be the future of moviegoing, and we can connect innovators and content exhibitors.

In-Theatre Marketing

In-Theatre Marketing is now the most effective tool for a studio or exhibitor’s advertising dollar and we have worked seamlessly over three decades with studio in-theatre marketing departments and circuit operations departments to develop unique and hugely successful in-theatre campaigns.


Many entities have attempted a workable video-on-demand model without success.  We can analyze how to build and brand a premium, at-home experience that would have the support of studios and exhibitors alike.

On-Screen Alternative Content

Scout 53 has significant experience bringing one-night-only events to the big screen from content providers such as The Met Opera, BBC, Turner Classic Movies and NBC Sports, to name but a few.

Corporate Branding and Positioning

Creating a consistent and recognizable brand is a critical foundational step that needs to occur prior to marketing and PR efforts. It is also a step that takes thoughtful planning. We work with companies to create a unique brand that invokes trust and an expectation of quality among consumers.

Faith-Based and Foreign Language Content

Foreign language distribution is not foreign to us and neither is the growing faith-based market.


Experience matters. A core team of passionate professionals dedicated to growing your business.

Jim Amos, Founder

An executive with over three decades of experience in the motion picture business, Jim Amos has been involved in many facets of the film industry including distribution, exhibition, alternative content, 3D & 4D, foreign films and independent/art content, large format presentation and immersive in-theatre experiences to name but a few. Over the years Jim has held the following senior level positions in the Motion Picture industry…

  • President of Distribution, Sony Pictures
  • SVP Head of Sales, STX Entertainment
  • Head of Distribution, Fathom Events Alternative Content
  • Founder and Curator, Box Office Insider Blog

Over the course of his career, Jim has distributed over 500 films and has played a key role in the success of over 30 films that have each grossed more than $100 million, including, most recently, Bad Moms for STX Entertainment.  His resume includes crafting and implementing distribution plans for films such as the Spider Man trilogy, Men in Black, and the James Bond franchise, to name but a few.   He also was instrumental in specialized release plans for Academy Award nominated titles such as Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty and The Social Network.

In 2011, he received the prestigious Show ‘E’ Award from the ShowEast film group, which recognizes accomplishments and dedication to the industry.

Most recently Jim built a world class sales team at the new studio, STX Entertainment, serving as SVP Distribution until his departure this past September to explore other endeavors.

A vegan and animal rights activist, Jim lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife Lori and his hobbies include travel, classic films, golf, hiking and his beloved Boston sports teams.

Lori Amos, Marketing & PR Strategist

Lori Amos is a Los Angeles native with over two decades of marketing, advertising and PR experience. Using her diverse background in the marketing industry, she has developed and executed strategies for a variety of clients–from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – and everything in between.

Her diverse experience in the industry has given her a unique perspective on creating and implementing sophisticated marketing strategies.  Skilled at strategically partnering with clients to develop and analyze objectives, identify opportunities and develop integrated programs that deliver results which meet or exceed goals. Lori’s category experience includes: Tech, CPG, Health care, Travel & Leisure, Automotive, Financial Services, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Higher Education, Legal and Telecommunications.

“Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients. A group of NATO members and I have worked with Jim in his consulting capacity, and we were extraordinarily pleased with his services.”

—John Fithian, President & CEO
National Association of Theatre Owners


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